The Title of The Project : Bactericide Drug Re-profiling Approach for MDR and XDR TB

Group is trying to do re-profiling of  pesticides “chemical” from EPA “Environmental Protection Agency” and other web resources having some activity against tuberculosis to develop a drug against mdr and xdr TB  using computational chemistry tools like weka (Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks) in combination with Power Mv  for descriptor generation and other resources.


screening of the pesticide database using model aid 1332-random forest classifier with cost 7,9,10,22,23 have been done.

Cost 7

(74 inactive &

643 actives)

Cost 9

(137 inactive &

580 actives)

Cost 10

(108 inactive &

609 actives)

Cost 22

(162 inactive &

555 actives)

Cost 23

(220 inactive &

499 actives)